Benvenuti al Collegio VIlloresi, ingresso della sede di Monza

Welcome to our Collegio,

for a meeting that could soon go beyond this page. These words are simply a greeting and an invitation to visit us.


The Villoresi is a dynamic reality that has been wisely fostered for over a century by people who have preferred innovation to conservation, demonstrating that Christian inspiration leads us towards reality without any fear or nostalgia. We have been experiencing difficult times, of course: a succession of crises that has veiled the naive certainty of a good future. However, adults need to give their children confidence and we firmly believe that together, school and families, we can certainly prepare them for life.


Future starts at school. History tells us: the most good-hearted and charming people, those who have made the world better, have had great teachers and often great companions. None of them were perfect, nor without flaws or vulnerabilities. School is not about being the best, but rather becoming better.


Future begins where the existing world is studied, understood and questioned. Every real lesson looks like this. In a Catholic school even more so, because at Villoresi everything that already exists will be illuminated and challenged by the person of Jesus of Nazareth. No one is newer than he is. He brings calm in the storm.

He has thoughts that exceed our thoughts. He sees what we do not yet see. Those who follow him become better. It is from him and those who have become his friends that we will try to discover the secret of peace even in complexity.


Gratitude for a great history is combined with a determination not to miss the present moment. We know that childhood and adolescence fly away, leaving their traces in us: that is why every day, every look, every gesture at school can make a difference. Nothing in the Collegio is wasted: neither the joys nor the efforts. At school everything seems difficult at first, but step by step what seemed impossible becomes simple and natural. You have to trust, let yourself be guided, be like a team.

The Collegio Villoresi is all this and much more.


Come and see!


Fr Sergio Massironi

Who we are and where we look