The voice of the Committee

We asked the committee members for their opinion on 6 key topics related to education and teaching.

Committee members

Alessandra Smerilli

Full Professor of Political Economy at the Pontifical Faculty of Educational Sciences "Auxilium" in Rome, Vatican City State Councillor

Mario Botta

Architect, founder of the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio

Giovanni Chiaramonte

Photographer, Lecturer in History and Theory of Photography at IULM University and the New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan

Aldo Colonetti

Philosopher, historian and theorist of art, design and architecture

Stefano Domenicali

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Lamborghini

Ernesto Galli della Loggia

Historian, editorial writer of the Corriere della Sera

Chiara Giaccardi

Professor in Sociology and Anthropology of the Media at the Catholic University of Milan

Mauro Magatti

Sociologist and economist, Full Professor of Sociology at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan

Pierluigi Nicolin

Architect, Professor of Architectural Composition at the Faculty of Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Milan and editor of the magazine Lotus International

Silvano Petrosino

Philosopher, scholar of Contemporary Philosophy, teaches Philosophy of Communication at the Catholic University of Milan

Massimo Recalcati

Psychoanalyst, essayist, Professor of Psychopathology of eating behaviour at Pavia and of Psychoanalysis and human sciences at the University of Verona

Antonio Sichera

Lecturer in Modern and Contemporary Italian Literature at the University of Catania; lecturer in Hermeneutics and Phenomenology at the MIUR School of Specialisation in Gestalt Psychotherapy

Massimiliano Tarantino

Professional journalist, Director of the Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Foundation

Giuliano Zanchi

Theologian, essayist and general director of the Diocesan Museum "Adriano Bernareggi" in Bergamo

The Villoresi staff

The Collegio employs highly specialised professionals and educators and promotes specialised training for all staff