The rectorship of the Collegio Villoresi San Giuseppe was entrusted to Don Sergio Massironi, who initiated a process of transformation of the educational offerings to respond to the pressing needs of the contemporary world and to welcome a renewed synergistic relationship with the territory and the community.


The second location

The historic Beata Vergine Maria Institute, founded in 1889 and run by the "English Ladies" of Lodi, passes under the management of the Collegio, thus strengthening its presence in the area.

The Brianza area of Lecco is a cosy and privileged oasis, which, together with the Monza premises just a stone's throw from Villa Reale, represents a pivotal point for the personal and professional education of individuals in a region where history, culture, art, the environment and entrepreneurship coexist and interact constantly.

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Since 2004, Collegio Villoresi has been certified by a Quality Management System (QMS), which has resulted in a better service that is increasingly tailored to educational needs. In addition, by accommodating the needs of working parents, we have become a 'second home in town', making schedules and activities flexible.


Government accredited private school

In 2000 the Collegio became a Government accredited private school: we comply with the objectives and standards set by the Public Education System; we draw up an educational project in harmony with the Constitution and an EOP (Educational Offer Plan) in accordance with the school regulations.



Father Luigi Maria Villoresi, a Barnabite priest, founded the Collegio in 1862; the current building was inaugurated in 1903. The Archiepiscopal School is "called upon to translate into daily educational activity the indications of the Archbishop's Magisterium" (Diocesan Synod 47, 1995, Const. 582).