Nurturing a vision

Nurturing a vision is the very essence of our College, which draws its reading criteria and horizons of meaning from the impact of the Christ event and the dynamics of history. Today more than ever, the interaction between Athens, Rome and Jerusalem, which shaped Europe, can provide an intelligent and luminous look at reality.

Cultivating uniqueness

Cultivating uniqueness means recognising that for each person there is a special way. The school has the task of matching talent and opportunity. Limitations and failures are not an obstacle to excellence, but contribute to the profile by which each person makes his or her contribution to the world. The humanities, new technologies and educational innovation are there to help individual growth.

Experiencing sports

Practising sport at school is an experience of integral growth, which also arises from team spirit, physical exercise, internalising certain rules and working on one's emotions. Ideology, expertise and scientific research form an alliance with an educational offer that generates champions, both on the field and in life.

Learning languages

Learning languages at Villoresi is a challenge that comes from afar. The work of native speakers and teachers, the opportunity to combine Chinese and Spanish with English, international partnerships and projects, travel and years abroad characterise the path of students and teachers for whom the world is at their fingertips.