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Liceo Classico Contemporaneo del Collegio Villoresi

A journey to understand the contemporary starting from the classical heritage

The Liceo Classico (High Scholl focused on Humanities) is the cultural flagship of the Collegio Villoresi. The format is new and designed to highlight the links between the heritage of Western culture and the challenges brought about by modernity. It has an ambitious objective: to train people capable of interpreting today’s world with a critical sense, while having a clear understanding of the humanistic basis of the scientific method. 

New disciplines and innovative methodologies

The curriculum, unique in its kind, combines from the first year the most typical subjects, such as Greek and Latin, with contemporary studies. In particular, “Cinema and Photography” and then “Visual Studies” open the school to the language of the image, the mastery of which is becoming increasingly important in the age of digital communication.

Interculturalism: from the English language to ancient cultures

The choice of English for science subjects aims to strengthen the language skills of young people so that they can prepare for any university course, in Italy or abroad. Other new subjects, such as ‘Elements of Jewish language and culture’, broaden the exploration of the past to include a part of our cultural identity that has been overlooked by traditional studies. Jerusalem thus returns to the scene, along with Athens and Rome, to define the horizon of significance that makes Europe unique in the globalised world.

Teaching organisation

5 years

of school

8:05 13:50

educational and training activities (with sixth hour)

14:00 14:50

seventh hour of lessons when scheduled (three years)

14:30 18:30

e-learning for remedial, English support course


Timetable - Liceo Classico Contemporaneo - Collegio Villoresi

* Subjects taught in English


Timetable - Liceo Classico Contemporaneo - Collegio Villoresi

* Subjects taught in English

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