Kindergarten: 2/4/6 hours per week

Timetable and subjects and/or other activities
From the first year of Kindergarten, PICCOLI (3 year olds) pupils can begin the Veicolare course. The teaching method is based on age appropriate educational activities.
At this age children learn to understand and to express themselves in English in a very “natural” way. Only in the last year of Kindergarten, GRANDI (5 year olds) do we start introducing Jolly Phonics which is a phonetic approach to reading and writing in English, in preparation of Primary school.
It is ideal to choose this program from the very beginning as it enhances the longer term linguistic results. It is also an opportunity for children to develop more diverse communication skills and inter-personal relationships.
The course follows a gradual increase of lesson hours per week, and gently accompanies the growth and maturity of the children, ensuring a balanced and effective learning environment:

Piccoli: 2 hours/week
Mezzani: 4 hours/week
Grandi: 6 hours/week

The course basically can me summarised as:
- learning the language through educational activities and play
- gradual build-up of general/everyday life vocabulary
- introduction of sounds and phonemes based on the Jolly Phonics Method